We are a new church located ON THE BORDER OF Pacific Beach & LA JOLLA, San Diego CA. We exist to depend on God to make and mature disciples of Jesus the King (Matthew 28:16-20). 



When we gather on Sundays, we are convinced that Jesus is present with us, speaks his life-giving word to us and as a result, our hearts respond to him. We could say that one of God’s purposes for our Sunday gathering is ‘transformative learning.’

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As a church, we desire to be all about making and maturing disciples of Jesus the King. The King’s Kids ministry exists to partner with families in making disciples of Jesus the King. 

We are grateful to have excellent facilities for our Kid's Ministry so we can provide a safe and loving environment for children from infancy through 5th grade.  



We’re about knowing Jesus, and making Him known. This is our mission. And our mission and purpose and calling as a church is based on Matthew 28:16-20 which is known as the Great Commission. To put it in more of a memorable way, we exist to: DEPEND ON GOD TO MAKE AND MATURE LEARNERS OF JESUS THE KING.